Spreading Awareness

There are many ways you can increase awareness about wild horse issues.

Follow and Share on Social Media: Educate your community:
  • Show the Cloud DVD’s to friends and family.
  • Make sure Cloud DVD’s and Books, and other good sources are in your school and local libraries.
  • Share Kids For Cloud and Wild Horse Reading List with children and teachers.
  • Write letters to the editor of your local paper. Correct derogatory articles about wild horse issues.
  • Contact local media and ask them to run stories about wild horses
Spread Awareness at your Farmer’s Market:
  • Learn more from advocate & board member Linda Hanick who went to the Farmers' Market in Estes Park, Colorado each week during the summer.
    LindaFarmersMarket 2


    I found out who was the manager of the market from one of the vendors I knew. Then I approached the manager and asked her if she had considered having a not-for-profit booth there and if there would be a charge. (I wasn't going to pay anything, but I just wanted to be in good faith.) I told her that whatever I sold was given back to the Cloud Foundation to support its work for the protection of the wild horses.

    She said that she would love having me there--it would be a nice diversity to the group of vendors. She suggested I come after everyone is set up Thursday mornings and find an empty space between booths. Market begins at 8 am, so I go sometime after 8 am and always find a good space between a couple of busy booths where I set up my table, banner, and materials. I give a bookmark to all kids and ask attendees who show an interest if they know we have 5 wild horse herds here in CO and one will be wiped out this fall. That hook always gets them--they always want to know "WHY?" I have a letter for them to sign that I send to our Senators and Representative, lots of info, contact websites and email addresses. Some want to see horses, so I give directions to our herds here in CO and nearby WY. I've even had folks come back to the market the next week to tell me about their amazing trip to see the Sand Wash Horses or the Little Book Cliff Horses.

    LindaFarmersMarket_1I have done this every Thursday since the first of June, 2010 and have talked to hundreds of people and am very encouraged. EVERYONE knows that the wild horses are being rounded up, but they don't know why or anything about the particulars of the BLM. Since June 1, I have talked to only 2 people who are on the "other side" but I was respectful and so were they.

    This has been a great opportunity to meet folks in my community and a great way to educate and stimulate interest in our wild horses. I even have gotten calls at home one week when I couldn't go to the market and I was missed. They just want more information. Farmer's Markets may be winding down as Fall creeps on, depending on where you live. But we have an indoor Art and Farmer's Market in Ft. Collins in the winter that will lend itself to this as well. Now is the time to plan, so put your plans in action. Don't hesitate to email me for more information or moral support. I'm happy to help.

    Linda Hanick
    Estes Park, CO

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