Action Alert! White Mountain

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Help Save the White Mountain and Little Colorado Wild Horse Herds!

Comment on BLM’s Plan to Sterilize Mares! Deadline: Thursday, January 14th

(left to right) Fuego (challenger), Fermat (band stallion), Lovely, Mac, Taylor (Mac's mother), and Hypathia (rare Curly mare) Photo: Ginger Kathrens and Lisa Friday

Fight for our Wyoming Horses!

Dear Friends of our Wyoming Wild Horses;

Please write a comment to Mr. D’Ewart, Wild Horse and Burro Specialist

for the BLM in Rock Springs, Wyoming regarding the plan to remove

1,028 wild horses from their homes in southern Wyoming this fall.

Comments are due April 4. (Click here to read TCF Comments) (Click here to read the full scoping doc from BLM)

Sinbad Wild Burro Herd Comments

How you can help the Sinbad Wild Burro Herd

Take Action!

Dear Friends of our Wild Burros;

Please take a moment to help the Sinbad Burro Herd of Utah by send an email or fax to the BLM Price Field Office, managers of the Sinbad Burro Herd Management Area along I-70. This herd of perhaps 200 burros may be the only genetically viable wild burro herd remaining in the West, yet they are in danger!

We commend the BLM for undertaking research on the herd but we do not want the herd taken to only 50 animals with 30 jennies radio collared!!

Mesa Verde Comments

How you can help the Mesa Verde Mustangs

Take Action!

Attention Supporters: (Please write a personal letter and put it in your own words)

Please take moment and respond to the Mesa Verde Park Service Environmental Assessment (EA)on the roundup of livestock and elimination of the wild horses from the park. Comments are due on January 8th, 2016 - so time is short.

Say NO to Sterilization!

How you can help Idaho’s Saylor Creek Mustangs

Take Action!

Sterilization of mares and stallions is the beginning of the end for wild horse families if we don’t say NO as loudly and collectively as we can. The BLM plan calls for treating “all wild horses surgically or chemically to eliminate reproduction capability,” in Idaho’s colorful Saylor Creek Wild Horse Herd.

Speak Out for Red Desert Wild Horses


Take Action!

Red Desert Complex, Wyoming

The Red Desert Complex contains some of the most beautiful wild horse habitat in the West with rolling green hills, forests, high meadows, and sage brush flats. It also contains large herds of privately-owned livestock that dominate the landscape at certain times of the year. Please make your voices heard for the mustang families who share this beautiful area with other native creatures like sage grouse, deer, elk and so many other species.

Comments on BLM’s plan to roundup and remove 1705 wild horses from the 753,000 acre Red Desert Complex in Wyoming are due Wednesday, Oct. 7.

Stewart Creek, Lost Creek, Antelope Hills, Crooks Mountain and Green Mountain Herd Management Areas will be impacted with a goal to remove horses to the low AML of 480. This is one horse per 1,500 acres!!!

Please urge the BLM to develop a pilot program which utilizes volunteers to document the herd, bait trap and assist with fertility control. The Proposed Alternative calls for removal of 1705 wild horses, treating only 21 mares with PZP 22. These 21 mares will then be returned to the range. The Proposed Alternative does nothing to forestall another removal, after another removal.

Support Retirement of Livestock Grazing Permits

Take Action!

Please Urge Your Congressional Representative to Support Retirement of Livestock Grazing Permits!!

Urge your Congressional Representative in the House to co-sponsor the Rural Economic Vitalization Act (REVA) (H.R. 3410). Urge your Senators to express support for REVA and to consider introducing companion legislation in the Senate. If successful, this legislation could provide an opportunity for all wildlife to exist and thrive on our public lands.

Mountain View

Please Comment on BLM’s Cold Springs HMA Proposed Roundup by May 29


Take Action!

The BLM is accepting comments to be used in developing an Environmental Assessment to justify roundup of “excess” horses in the Cold Springs HMA, Oregon. The BLM Proposed Action includes rounding up 90 percent of the horses in the HMA, treating 33 mares with PZP to be released back into the HMA; removing horses to achieve AML of 75-150 wild horses.

Suggested talking points for your comments:
  • Analyze livestock grazing impact and reduce to enable expansion of wild horse population
  • Use bait trapping only as a means to capture horses and apply PZP
  • Develop comprehensive and ongoing fertility control program to ensure effectiveness. Use volunteers to aid in thorough documentation of the herd.
  • Provide up to date genetic analysis of the herd
  • Manage at high end of AML while using PZP
  • Provide plans to ensure adoption of any horses removed
  • Construct water catchments and guzzlers to improve water availability
  • Improved access to multiple water sources will help spread forage utilization more evenly over the HMA
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