Mystery on the Mountain, the Search for Cloud


A Pryor Journal--July, 2016

From Spring to Summer. . .from Band stallion to Bachelor


A Pryor Journal--June, 2015

Cloud’s 20th Birthday: Look Who Came to the Party!


A Pryor Journal--May, 2015

Allegro's Journey


The story of a wild horse orphan---May, 2015

Prisoners of the Polar Vortex


A Pryor Journal---November, 2014

Let Freedom Ring!


A Visit to our Freedom Family Bands, November 2014

Five years ago we were scrambling. In a surprise move, BLM decided to permanently remove all the Pryor Mustangs living in the Custer National Forest. We had only a few weeks to work out how we could buy and adopt every older horse removed during this massive helicopter roundup. (link: What Price Freedom, Nat. Horse Article)

The Fillies of Autumn


The Fillies of Autumn October, 2014 A Pryor Journal

The wind has a bite to it. A wintry feel, I think to myself as I hike on the ridges of mid-Tillett. Dark clouds hover over the Bighorns to the east and Big Pryor Mountain to the west.

The Snows of Summer


Dear Friends of Wild Horses,

When asked about the best time to visit the Pryors to see the horses, I almost always answer August as it is the most reliably warm and dry month. I take it all back!

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