Friends of the Cloud Foundation


Blixx Horses

To provide education. About Horses and Their Care – Teach how to relate & work with horses from the ground through appearances & presentations.

Coaching With

Coaching with Horses programs awaken heart-based leadership and authentic expression for individuals and teams. We help people live their passion and purpose and reach higher levels of contribution in the world.

Equine VIP

People, Passion, Fashion & Horses


Equine Affaire serves horsepeople and the horse industry nationwide with annual events in Massachusetts and Ohio.


For People who love horses

Front Range
Equine Rescue

Front Range Equine Rescue began as an all volunteer organization with Board members providing the initial foster homes.


At grassrootshorse, we are a network of regular people who care about what is happening to America's horses and want to do what we can for positive change.

Horses of
Proud Spirit

Jim and Melanie Bowles, the founders of Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary, are deeply committed to the horses in their care.

Legacy Mustang

An affiliate organization of TCF, their mission is to provide a nurturing environment for the American Mustang and promote the understanding, appreciation, and adoption of this distinctly American breed.

Natural Horse

Here at Natural Horse Magazine we strive to provide only the most accurate, up-to-date and holistic information possible.

Pryor Mountain
Wild Mustang

The Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center is a public, not-for-profit 501c3 educational institution whose purpose is to inform visitors of the historic significance of the local mustang herd and of the other wild horses across the West.

Return to

The Return to Freedom (RTF) American Wild Horse Preservation and Sanctuary is dedicated to wild horse preservation by protecting the freedom, diversity, and habitat of America’s wild horses.

Sally's Saddles

At Sallys Saddles we are proud to carry the popular and authentic Barefoot® Treeless Saddles. When you purchase from Sallys Saddles 10% of our profits will be donated to various equine non-profit organizations, including the Cloud Foundation.

Saving the
Wild Horse

Join us, as we explore the plight of wild horse herds in Saving the American Wild Horse. - See more at:

The American
Wild Horse

Join us in demanding the federal government embrace safe and effective alternatives like fertility control that keep wild horses in the wild where they belong.

The Wild Horse

Rather than allow 80 wild horses living on public land to be destroyed, the founders of the Wild Horse Sanctuary made a major life decision right then and there to rescue these unwanted horses and create a safe home for them.

Trail Blazer

Cover-to-Cover, trail riding is all we do!

Western Images
& Wild Horses

We believe in quality, ethics, and intrigity… which is part of our western roots based here in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

Wild Hoofbeats

Ten years ago, Carol began photographing wild horses. As she followed several herds in Wyoming, Colorado and Montana, she became aware of how precarious their situation on public lands has become.

Wind Dancer

The WindDancer Foundation's imminent goal is to have 1 million persuasive letters sent to your Congressional offices in Washington, D.C., from those interested individuals, and students.
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