From Sen. Landrieu - Wild Horses Symbolize U.S. Freedom

Op-Ed by Senator Mary Landrieu (D - LA) in The Hill

jasperThe image of hundreds of wild horses freely roaming the open terrain in the American West is reminiscent of times past and our country’s trailblazing heritage. However, on July 10, the 200 wild horses galloping frantically across a breathtaking Nevada plain, with dust swirling around their sweaty bodies, were running in fear. With dry summer heat reaching 95 degrees, these horses were forced to run for miles over rough volcanic rock in an attempt to escape the government’s low-flying helicopter in pursuit. It is foaling season and many of the mares and foals were weak from their recent pregnancy or from giving birth.

Congressman Slams BLM

Antelope 22Congressman Dan Burton (R-Indiana) takes to the floor of the House on January 24, 2011 to blast BLM for wasting our tax dollars and harming our wild horses. Video online here!

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